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Urban Decay Naked Smoky

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Review Daisie Gibson
Urban Decay Naked Smoky Review Daisie Gibson
Urban Decay Naked Smoky Review Daisie Gibson
All good things come in three's, unless you're Urban Decay in which case it's four 

This has got to be my favourite packaging out of all the four Naked palettes. Everything about it has improved since the last three. Urban Decay has ditched the clips and gone back to magnets to keep the case closed, just for all us lazy people who can't take the time to manually close a palette ourselves. The second improvement Urban Decay has made is the shades are set out by finish, starting with 4 x shimmer, then 4 x satin and ending with 4x matte.

T H E  S H A D E S  :

Urban Decay have undoubtably changed the texture of this palette, it seems firmer and slightly thinner than the other palettes. Some, not all, of the glitter shades have less fall out which is a bonus because I would avoid the glitter shades. The first of the glitter shades is a champagne colour called High. This is the perfect colour for highlighting the brow bone and also patting on the tear duct area for a brighter eye. The second glitter shade, and also my favourite from the palette is Dirty Sweet. It's the perfect gold with warm undertones. This shade is going to be the ultimate christmas colour. Yes, it's August, it's never too early to think about Christmas. I have been using the third glitter shade called Radar in my crease on top of Dirty Sweet, although Radar is slightly less pigmented. The fourth glitter shades is Armor, it's a taupe colour with a silver shimmer. Unfortunately, this shade seems to have slipped past the newly recruited glitter police; there is quite a lot of glitter pigment on your face when you are finished with it. 

The four shades with a satin finish will be getting less action from me. Most of them have slightly cooler undertones which doesn't work as well with my eye colour. Slanted is a gorgeous metallic grey and will look amazing with grey/blue eyes... time to get me some colour contacts. To accompany slanted is Dagger, a muted grey/blue shade with very cool undertones. Blackmarket is the satin shade that I will get use from. It is really nice to line the upper lash line to give a thicker lash look. It will be amazing to create sultry feline flicks with an angled eyeliner brush too. The last of the satin finish is Smolder This is a deep, deep purple. It seems like it has a mix of warm and cool undertones. This will probably be for a night time look, it's a bit to harsh as a day time look for me.

I am most definitely  a matte girl when it comes to the eyes.  I was really excited to use these next four shades. The Urban Decay matte shades always feel like butter and I find them the easiest to work with. Password is a taupe colour with cooler undertones and whiskey is a chocolate brown with an auburn hint to it. Both of the these shade were hard to work with, they take a lot of building and blending to get a solid colour going. I get bored with that much fuss for an eyeshadow. The lighter Matte shades like Combust and Thirteen haven't been as much of a disappointment. Combust is a nude colour with a mushroom tint and it's great for use as a base and Thirteen is a cream nude and is perfect for subtle highlight. 

T H E   V E R D I C T :

As a whole I love this palette; the packaging is much better than the rest of the Naked Palettes and the order of the shades is a massive improvement. Unlike the Naked 1, in which I adored every single shade going, I loved seven out of twelve in the Naked Smoky. I'm going to be reasonable here, some of the shades I dislike because of preference, for example the cool undertones that don't suit my eye colour, however, others are down to the slight change in formula. I did have a thought that Urban Decay may have thinned the textures of the shadows so they gave more of a smokey effect. Conspiracy.

Have you tried any of the Naked palettes? 

Urban Decay Naked Palettes: 


  1. I really think that this is a beautiful palette, UD never disappoints when it comes to quality. However it's just not the right one for me. I just bought the UD3 palette and I am totally happy with it! x
    lynn |

  2. omg, why I only saw your blog now!!! it's amazing!!

  3. Your photos look gorgeous. I really really wanna get my hands on this palette but like you I think cooler toned shadows don't really seem to suit me but the packaging is definitely win me over, it just looks so sleek!

    Love, Hannah

  4. I really need one of this
    new post

  5. I really want to try this - it's on my makeup wishlist :)
    Elle - xo

  6. I've wanted this palette since it came out, the shades are sooooo pretty. I think this one may be my fave out of all of the Naked palettes!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

  7. this pallete is love...

    I will really appreciate if could you visit my blog and
    follow me. I will follow you back for sure :)
    Have a nice day!

    Diaries of a hidden Fashionista

  8. Oh wow! Such a great palette!

  9. Definitely looks like a mix of all 3 palettes! Looks like a good buy! X

    All black errythin'fun over on-

  10. I'm a massive fan of the packaging but unsure about whether I want to buy this palette or not! Definitely like that they separated the finishes too x
    han // em&han xo

  11. All the colours in this palette are so beautiful. I'm going to have to buy this!
    Flo Lily~x

  12. Urban Decay never disappoints when it comes to quality. Those matte shades look so lovely! Definitely still have my eye on the Naked 3, though!

    As Told By Alisa

  13. I haven't gave into the hype of the Naked palettes, but this one looks so nice, the packaging and colours look like they are to die for!x


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