Sunday, 26 July 2015

Getting Messy With Messie Mats

I was really happy to receive one of the makeup mats by Messie Mats. Just the other week when I went away for the weekend, I had been doing my makeup terrified that there was going to be some sort of makeup explosion and I would have to explain why there was a funny looking powder sprayed across their bed. These mats are one of those things that you can substitute with an old towel, but the wipe clean surface on the mats makes life one step easier. Who wants a scraggy rag to put their nice UD Naked palettes on anyway? 

There are 6 different designs; Darcie, Millie and Rosie are all floral; Roxie, Lexie and Kimmie feature chevrons, stars and leopard print. I love that all these names are spelt with an ‘ie' instead of a 'y'. We have a tradition in our family that everybody's name is spelt with an ‘ie’ at the end; a bit like the Kardashians with their 'K' name tradition, but sadly that is where the similarities with Kardashians end. 

These mats fold into a neat little rectangle which are easy to carry round and if you fold it correctly you have a little pouch that you can use to hold a few bits and bobs like your makeup brushes. These don’t just keep your surfaces clean; if you are a blogger these would be a great  alternative surface for your blog photos. 

*This product was sent to me by Messie Mats however, all opinions are my own 

Monday, 13 July 2015

B by Ted Baker

Following on from last week's post where I lusted over Ted Bakers bath & body range, I am now moving on to their lingerie line. I was completely clueless about Ted Baker's lingerie line until I saw it in Debenhams, and it seems they do not stock their lingerie line on their official site and so I assumed it never existed - very deceiving of you Ted. 

Shopping for lingerie in a sale online can be a nightmare; you find the perfect set, for the perfect price, but it's not your size. Or, they have the bra, but not the matching bottoms (or the other way round  - I can't think which is worse.) I always make sure that I set my filters to my size before attempting to wade through a sale to avoid an 'out of stock' heart break. 

This is the perfect summer-loving set. It's floral, florescent and if your name starts with B then you have a charm with your initial. Balcony bras are my go-to - they are a good way to cheat a fuller chest and are great for holding your chicken fillets in place (obviously not talking from experience... total lie). Despite it being a super summery set, the cool tones make it really easy to get away with not having topped up your tan in a while. I'm not one to go for colourful underwear, but this is definitely a start. 

Ted as always, a pleasure. Be quick to avoid the 'out of stock' disappointment.


Tuesday, 7 July 2015

TED BAKER - A Touch Of Luxury

Moment of truth, are you a box snob? Hella yes I am! Packaging can be all or nothing and no one does pretty quite like Ted Baker. Boots were offering 500 Advantage Card points on any two Ted Baker products, which I took as a sign from 'The Ted Baker Gods' above to buy. Don't act like you could resist it! The pure look of the products on display in my room gets me all giddy - I think I have a crush on them. 

The Pink Body Lotion £8
My favourite part of this pretty little bottle is the rose gold lid. I don't usually hold out much hope for body lotions - I like to use a bit of Garnier and be done with it. However, this smells so good, I couldn't care less if it's not filling my skin with moisture, at least I smell delicious. Yet what's even better is that it does make my skin soft and dries within seconds. I am lathering this on any parts of  my body that are in close proximity of my nose so as not to waste it.

Pink Bubble Bath £12
This bottle does not just hold a touch of luxury; it holds 400ml to be precise. Also, it's amazing how good a glass bottle feels compared to plastic. Word of warning: you don't want to be dropping this on your toes. Trust me, luxury hurts. I haven't been bathing as much in this heat as much as the colder months so using this as a bubble bath is not high on my agenda, however it is working beautifully as a substitute shower gel.

The Pink Body Spray £7
This is my favourite product out of the whole collection. This is going to be my scent for the summer. It is so light, airy and sweet, but not to the point that you will have the local bee population following you down the road. I love the simplicity of the bottle; I wish it could have been glass like the bubble bath, but I don't think my toes would appreciate it. Unfortunately, the scent doesn't last as long as I  had hoped. Then you have that mini dilemma whether you have become used to the smell used to the smell or it has faded and you should reapply, which runs the risk of you smelling like a teenage boy who's just just discovered to Lynx. 

Lip Balms £10
If there is anything that I am obsessed with buying it's lip balms. Eos, Balmi, Baby Lips and now Ted baker, which is by far the most luxurious looking out of my collection. I have to admit, I really dislike the scent of the pink one; it smells like a slightly gone-off cocoa butter. Luckily, the other two make up for it and even though they say "This is not food" I'm still tempted to give it the odd lick. 

Have you tried anything from the Ted Baker bath and body range?

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