Sunday, 14 June 2015


I get in the shower with the intension of tanning, but my plan fails when I get cold and my priority turns to putting on my pyjamas as quickly as I can; anyone else? So you can imagine my excitement when I trailed through the boots website and saw St. Tropez had released an in shower tanning lotion. This is the first St. Tropez product that I have used - I've tended to go for the cheap fix of St. Moriz for my tan from the bottle. However, this product has quickly become my holy grail product for tanning. 

I've been using the tanning lotion every other day after I have washed normally in the shower. The product comes out with a slight yellow tone, but is thick and creamy (sounds so appetising). I start with my legs and rub up and down to lather the product, then using circular motions to blend the product. I repeat the same steps of the rest of my body. And now we wait. I find myself swaying from side to side trying to keep count of three minutes, alternatively you can bring a timer in with you. When the three minutes are up, wash the product off and pat dry with a towel. The only hard part is trying to keep yourself amused for 3 minutes. 

This product has saved me so much time and effort. The results aren't immediately noticeable, but after a few hours you start to notice a subtle glow. The smell... finally a product that doesn't leave you smelling like a biscuit barrel. Ok, it has a slight smell to it, but not the traditional scent. After you have showered there is absolutely no smell on you. Most importantly, this tanning product does not leave you like a rasher of streaky bacon. Even on the dryer parts like my elbows, there is not one hint of fakery. Fake tan products always dry out my skin and it was the same with this one despite one of ingredients being almond oil to keep the skin moisturised for 24 hours. However, that could just be me as I get it with all tanning products. 

Unfortunately, this product has sold out on the St. Tropez website but don't worry Boots has got your back and is even giving you a third off the £14. 50 retail price. 

Tanning tips

  • Its not just your skin that will tan, its your nails too. Apply Vaseline or Sudocream on your nails to act as a barrier. 
  • Try to use oil free products before and after applying your tan to help maintain it. 

What would you do to keep yourself amused for three minutes? 


  1. I so need to buy this! Wouldn't have known about the existence of this product without your post so thanks haha

  2. I'm so one for thinking I'll use a load of body products and then just ending up in pajamas straight away :P
    I love the idea of this I'll have to give it a try!
    Love the tip about nails too :)

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