Sunday, 19 April 2015


The Look - A tinted moisturiser isn't on everyones 'to get' list but this one should be scribbled down right at the very top. The combination of CC, BB and tinted moisturiser has got us all talking. The gel cream instantly blends into the skin giving a natural radiant glow. To my surprise, despite being extremely light coverage the cream evened my skin tone and lightly covered my dark circles.Most people have mentioned the matte formula however, I have slightly oilier skin and didn't see a huge matte effect. I've been wearing this under my foundation which has been creating a smooth base. Occasionally I will wear this alone, but this  cream is going to be amazing in the summer for when you want a healthy natural look. 

The Shades - There are l0 shades including light, neutral and golden tones. Test the product on your neck for the most accurate shade, the one which disappears the most will be the one for you.

The Stats - 64 participants tried the products. 100% said that there was an improvement in texture of their skin. 215% said there was also an improvement in hydration. 

The Science - This product is packed with anti-ageing and hydrating ingredients. Heart-leaf globe daisy also know as Globulia Cordifolia is a plant known for its survival skills. When extracted it shares its defying qualities to boost you skins natural anti-ageing defences. The electrolytes are all about hydrating the skin. And the factor 30 will protect your skin in the sun for evermore. 

The Price - I admit I thought this was going to be in the £30+ range, but when it was only £26 I was pretty happy. I have been using this for a while and haven't been tight in the amount I use, the bottle still feels the same weight as it was when I bought it. Don't forget House Of Fraser do student discount and your Debenhams beauty card will get you 78 points when you purchase this product. 

Have you tried this yet?  

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