Monday, 12 October 2015

This Works Sleep Plus Pillow Spray

"A fast action natural remedy to help restore healthy sleep patterns" 

I am counting down the days until the clocks go back - or is it forward? Either way, as soon as the days get shorter it is more acceptable to start the countdown to Christmas. As much as I love the Summer months, I am definitely a winter girl (minus the rain). So, in preparation for the cosy nights in, I have finally bought the This Works Sleep + Pillow Spray. I haven't tried the original formula which is priced at £16, So I guess the Plus version is a ramped up version of the original because it's £9 extra for the plus.
The scent of this reminds me of those animal teddies that you could remove the stomach pouch of and put in the microwave. Has anyone had one? They smell very much like herbal teas and lavender. I spritz this all over a blanket that my family calls "The Cat Blanket" because it feels exactly like a cat, not because we have a cat and I stole it. As soon as this has been sprayed I transform into a sleepy child. I find myself trying to breathe it all in but running out of lung space. I don't know whether it's all a gimmick and one of the those smells that everyone associates with sleep, but I do know that I wake up a lot easier and more awake in the mornings. 
£25 is a little bit pricey and I am going to be on the look out for cheaper alternatives, but I do want to repurchase this if nothing compares. Sinead O'Connor just popped into my head... and on that note I will leave you to sing yourself to sleep.

This Works Sleep Range: 

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Nars Sheer Glow

I have been experiencing life on Nars for a good few weeks now and I am genuinely thinking about relocating to an area which stocks Nars products. Oxford is no longer a carrier of my essential foundation. As I couldn't physically go in and match my shade in store, I used which I raved about in my last Foundation review here. The previous foundation I was trying and significantly failed was the Clarins Everlasting + foundation, since then; I have given this to my Mum who cannot get enough of it - Crazy how it works for some and not for others.

There are probably countless posts on this foundation and I'm usually left disappointed with hyped up products, but as the hype hasn't reduced in what seems like forever, I wanted to see what the fuss was all about.  I've been applying this with a damp Real Technique Miracle Complexion Sponge which has left me in a deep state of confusion; a sheer foundation with the lightest coverage applicator should result in average skin... Instead I am left with soft, even skin. It gives the greatest velvet finish, that makes my skin look firm and plump - although that could be the Dominos I just ate. I can go all day at work without looking oily and it has a huge amount of staying power. I am now itching to get the Nars Concealer.
Have you tried Nars Sheer Glow? What foundation are you using at the moment

Nars Sheer Glow £31

F E A T U R E D   I N   T H I S   P O S T :

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Urban Decay Naked Smoky

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Review Daisie Gibson
Urban Decay Naked Smoky Review Daisie Gibson
Urban Decay Naked Smoky Review Daisie Gibson
All good things come in three's, unless you're Urban Decay in which case it's four 

This has got to be my favourite packaging out of all the four Naked palettes. Everything about it has improved since the last three. Urban Decay has ditched the clips and gone back to magnets to keep the case closed, just for all us lazy people who can't take the time to manually close a palette ourselves. The second improvement Urban Decay has made is the shades are set out by finish, starting with 4 x shimmer, then 4 x satin and ending with 4x matte.

T H E  S H A D E S  :

Urban Decay have undoubtably changed the texture of this palette, it seems firmer and slightly thinner than the other palettes. Some, not all, of the glitter shades have less fall out which is a bonus because I would avoid the glitter shades. The first of the glitter shades is a champagne colour called High. This is the perfect colour for highlighting the brow bone and also patting on the tear duct area for a brighter eye. The second glitter shade, and also my favourite from the palette is Dirty Sweet. It's the perfect gold with warm undertones. This shade is going to be the ultimate christmas colour. Yes, it's August, it's never too early to think about Christmas. I have been using the third glitter shade called Radar in my crease on top of Dirty Sweet, although Radar is slightly less pigmented. The fourth glitter shades is Armor, it's a taupe colour with a silver shimmer. Unfortunately, this shade seems to have slipped past the newly recruited glitter police; there is quite a lot of glitter pigment on your face when you are finished with it. 

The four shades with a satin finish will be getting less action from me. Most of them have slightly cooler undertones which doesn't work as well with my eye colour. Slanted is a gorgeous metallic grey and will look amazing with grey/blue eyes... time to get me some colour contacts. To accompany slanted is Dagger, a muted grey/blue shade with very cool undertones. Blackmarket is the satin shade that I will get use from. It is really nice to line the upper lash line to give a thicker lash look. It will be amazing to create sultry feline flicks with an angled eyeliner brush too. The last of the satin finish is Smolder This is a deep, deep purple. It seems like it has a mix of warm and cool undertones. This will probably be for a night time look, it's a bit to harsh as a day time look for me.

I am most definitely  a matte girl when it comes to the eyes.  I was really excited to use these next four shades. The Urban Decay matte shades always feel like butter and I find them the easiest to work with. Password is a taupe colour with cooler undertones and whiskey is a chocolate brown with an auburn hint to it. Both of the these shade were hard to work with, they take a lot of building and blending to get a solid colour going. I get bored with that much fuss for an eyeshadow. The lighter Matte shades like Combust and Thirteen haven't been as much of a disappointment. Combust is a nude colour with a mushroom tint and it's great for use as a base and Thirteen is a cream nude and is perfect for subtle highlight. 

T H E   V E R D I C T :

As a whole I love this palette; the packaging is much better than the rest of the Naked Palettes and the order of the shades is a massive improvement. Unlike the Naked 1, in which I adored every single shade going, I loved seven out of twelve in the Naked Smoky. I'm going to be reasonable here, some of the shades I dislike because of preference, for example the cool undertones that don't suit my eye colour, however, others are down to the slight change in formula. I did have a thought that Urban Decay may have thinned the textures of the shadows so they gave more of a smokey effect. Conspiracy.

Have you tried any of the Naked palettes? 

Urban Decay Naked Palettes: 

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Clarins Everlasting Foundation +

Back in February, Clarins relaunched their Everlasting Foundation. After reading the reviews, it seems everyone was long lovers of the original and not so much a fan of its new revamp. I've come into this Everlasting foundation blind, I've never used the original and if I'm honest, I hadn't heard much hype about it to begin with. Like I say in every post - it's always the packaging that sways me into purchasing mode. It was the frosted glass and gold lid that made my little eyes light up this time. 

This has a thicker consistency compared to foundations I have been using in the past. The major benefit of having a thicker foundation is you are forced into a rampant blending routine, however the downside is the time it takes to do this routine and if you’re in a rush it's not the greatest. The scent immediately brought me back to the time I was using the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation. This was around the time I thought it was super cool to choose the palest shade going; my friends soon confessed that I looked slightly grey at times. Luckily, I have moved on to choosing a similar shade to my skintone. I ordered this online and took a stab in the dark when it came to my shade and thankfully I got it right, but if I had known about when I ordered it, there would have been a lot less 'umming' and 'ahhing'. is practically a foundation shade directory. If you know what shade you are for one brand of foundation can tell you what shade you will be for another brand. Pretty nifty, don't you think?

The first time I wore this, I put it to the ultimate test. I did a 14 hour shift and I was surprise to see that despite my feelings of tiredness, my makeup did not show it. Since wearing this I have noticed I am less oily around my t-zone, I can thank the bamboo powder added to the formula for that. This has a matte finish which I personally don't get on with. I find that it can enhance the look of any bumps and pimples on my face. I'm yet to experiment with different applications of this foundation. At the moment I am using the Real Techniques Buffing brush which on its own delivers a fuller coverage compared to other brushes. Unfortunately, I don't like this foundation enough to keep using it everyday. However, I have a sneaky suspicion that I will use it again in a few months when my skin has changed, who knows I may even fall in love with it.

The Verdict: It's a nice foundation but it doesn't work for my skin at the moment. I'm not ready to write off completely though.

Have you tried Everlasting Foundation +  or the original? What foundations are you trying at the moment?


Sunday, 26 July 2015

Getting Messy With Messie Mats

I was really happy to receive one of the makeup mats by Messie Mats. Just the other week when I went away for the weekend, I had been doing my makeup terrified that there was going to be some sort of makeup explosion and I would have to explain why there was a funny looking powder sprayed across their bed. These mats are one of those things that you can substitute with an old towel, but the wipe clean surface on the mats makes life one step easier. Who wants a scraggy rag to put their nice UD Naked palettes on anyway? 

There are 6 different designs; Darcie, Millie and Rosie are all floral; Roxie, Lexie and Kimmie feature chevrons, stars and leopard print. I love that all these names are spelt with an ‘ie' instead of a 'y'. We have a tradition in our family that everybody's name is spelt with an ‘ie’ at the end; a bit like the Kardashians with their 'K' name tradition, but sadly that is where the similarities with Kardashians end. 

These mats fold into a neat little rectangle which are easy to carry round and if you fold it correctly you have a little pouch that you can use to hold a few bits and bobs like your makeup brushes. These don’t just keep your surfaces clean; if you are a blogger these would be a great  alternative surface for your blog photos. 

*This product was sent to me by Messie Mats however, all opinions are my own 

Monday, 13 July 2015

B by Ted Baker

Following on from last week's post where I lusted over Ted Bakers bath & body range, I am now moving on to their lingerie line. I was completely clueless about Ted Baker's lingerie line until I saw it in Debenhams, and it seems they do not stock their lingerie line on their official site and so I assumed it never existed - very deceiving of you Ted. 

Shopping for lingerie in a sale online can be a nightmare; you find the perfect set, for the perfect price, but it's not your size. Or, they have the bra, but not the matching bottoms (or the other way round  - I can't think which is worse.) I always make sure that I set my filters to my size before attempting to wade through a sale to avoid an 'out of stock' heart break. 

This is the perfect summer-loving set. It's floral, florescent and if your name starts with B then you have a charm with your initial. Balcony bras are my go-to - they are a good way to cheat a fuller chest and are great for holding your chicken fillets in place (obviously not talking from experience... total lie). Despite it being a super summery set, the cool tones make it really easy to get away with not having topped up your tan in a while. I'm not one to go for colourful underwear, but this is definitely a start. 

Ted as always, a pleasure. Be quick to avoid the 'out of stock' disappointment.


Tuesday, 7 July 2015

TED BAKER - A Touch Of Luxury

Moment of truth, are you a box snob? Hella yes I am! Packaging can be all or nothing and no one does pretty quite like Ted Baker. Boots were offering 500 Advantage Card points on any two Ted Baker products, which I took as a sign from 'The Ted Baker Gods' above to buy. Don't act like you could resist it! The pure look of the products on display in my room gets me all giddy - I think I have a crush on them. 

The Pink Body Lotion £8
My favourite part of this pretty little bottle is the rose gold lid. I don't usually hold out much hope for body lotions - I like to use a bit of Garnier and be done with it. However, this smells so good, I couldn't care less if it's not filling my skin with moisture, at least I smell delicious. Yet what's even better is that it does make my skin soft and dries within seconds. I am lathering this on any parts of  my body that are in close proximity of my nose so as not to waste it.

Pink Bubble Bath £12
This bottle does not just hold a touch of luxury; it holds 400ml to be precise. Also, it's amazing how good a glass bottle feels compared to plastic. Word of warning: you don't want to be dropping this on your toes. Trust me, luxury hurts. I haven't been bathing as much in this heat as much as the colder months so using this as a bubble bath is not high on my agenda, however it is working beautifully as a substitute shower gel.

The Pink Body Spray £7
This is my favourite product out of the whole collection. This is going to be my scent for the summer. It is so light, airy and sweet, but not to the point that you will have the local bee population following you down the road. I love the simplicity of the bottle; I wish it could have been glass like the bubble bath, but I don't think my toes would appreciate it. Unfortunately, the scent doesn't last as long as I  had hoped. Then you have that mini dilemma whether you have become used to the smell used to the smell or it has faded and you should reapply, which runs the risk of you smelling like a teenage boy who's just just discovered to Lynx. 

Lip Balms £10
If there is anything that I am obsessed with buying it's lip balms. Eos, Balmi, Baby Lips and now Ted baker, which is by far the most luxurious looking out of my collection. I have to admit, I really dislike the scent of the pink one; it smells like a slightly gone-off cocoa butter. Luckily, the other two make up for it and even though they say "This is not food" I'm still tempted to give it the odd lick. 

Have you tried anything from the Ted Baker bath and body range?


Monday, 22 June 2015


I'm on my second bottles of the Clinique three step cleansing system and they have done wonders for my skin, but I wanted to take one step further when I purchased the Clarisonic Mia 2. Although my skin has cleared up massively over the year, I still have the odd bumps and the texture isn't great. Enter the life changing Clarisonic. 

I remove my makeup using a Micella water, at the moment I am trying out B.Pure, which I admit is not my favourite but it does the job for now.  For my cleanser I am using the Clinique liquid facial soap for oily skin. This cleanser has worked a treat paired with the Clarisonic. It lathers enough so the bristles work into your skin comfortably. The Clarisonic is timed at two 20 second and two 10 second intervals telling you when its time to move onto the next part of your face. I must admit when its finished I feel slightly saddened that my mini facial has ended. If you get that Clarisonic be prepared to breakout out in the first few weeks! The Clarisonic is bringing all the sebum to the surface which then causes the breakouts - Push through this, it will pay off. The greatest thing about this system are its little extra features like the charger. For tech lovers, the charger is magnetic! Second feature is within the brush head. The outer bristles of the brush detaches from the rest of the brush leaving you with a smaller brush to access areas like between the eyebrows and the nose. So great! 

After using the Clarisonic I instantly feel the softness and the cleanliness of my face. My makeup is going on so much better and stays on for longer. I have even noticed that my T-zone is slightly less oily which was my main concern with my skin. My Mum is always complaining about the size of her pores so when I bought the Clarisonic I bought an extra head for her to try out as well, something I wish I never did. Now I can't wait for her birthday so she can stop nicking mine and have her very own. 

Have you tried the Clarisonic?


Sunday, 14 June 2015


I get in the shower with the intension of tanning, but my plan fails when I get cold and my priority turns to putting on my pyjamas as quickly as I can; anyone else? So you can imagine my excitement when I trailed through the boots website and saw St. Tropez had released an in shower tanning lotion. This is the first St. Tropez product that I have used - I've tended to go for the cheap fix of St. Moriz for my tan from the bottle. However, this product has quickly become my holy grail product for tanning. 

I've been using the tanning lotion every other day after I have washed normally in the shower. The product comes out with a slight yellow tone, but is thick and creamy (sounds so appetising). I start with my legs and rub up and down to lather the product, then using circular motions to blend the product. I repeat the same steps of the rest of my body. And now we wait. I find myself swaying from side to side trying to keep count of three minutes, alternatively you can bring a timer in with you. When the three minutes are up, wash the product off and pat dry with a towel. The only hard part is trying to keep yourself amused for 3 minutes. 

This product has saved me so much time and effort. The results aren't immediately noticeable, but after a few hours you start to notice a subtle glow. The smell... finally a product that doesn't leave you smelling like a biscuit barrel. Ok, it has a slight smell to it, but not the traditional scent. After you have showered there is absolutely no smell on you. Most importantly, this tanning product does not leave you like a rasher of streaky bacon. Even on the dryer parts like my elbows, there is not one hint of fakery. Fake tan products always dry out my skin and it was the same with this one despite one of ingredients being almond oil to keep the skin moisturised for 24 hours. However, that could just be me as I get it with all tanning products. 

Unfortunately, this product has sold out on the St. Tropez website but don't worry Boots has got your back and is even giving you a third off the £14. 50 retail price. 

Tanning tips

  • Its not just your skin that will tan, its your nails too. Apply Vaseline or Sudocream on your nails to act as a barrier. 
  • Try to use oil free products before and after applying your tan to help maintain it. 

What would you do to keep yourself amused for three minutes? 

Sunday, 19 April 2015


The Look - A tinted moisturiser isn't on everyones 'to get' list but this one should be scribbled down right at the very top. The combination of CC, BB and tinted moisturiser has got us all talking. The gel cream instantly blends into the skin giving a natural radiant glow. To my surprise, despite being extremely light coverage the cream evened my skin tone and lightly covered my dark circles.Most people have mentioned the matte formula however, I have slightly oilier skin and didn't see a huge matte effect. I've been wearing this under my foundation which has been creating a smooth base. Occasionally I will wear this alone, but this  cream is going to be amazing in the summer for when you want a healthy natural look. 

The Shades - There are l0 shades including light, neutral and golden tones. Test the product on your neck for the most accurate shade, the one which disappears the most will be the one for you.

The Stats - 64 participants tried the products. 100% said that there was an improvement in texture of their skin. 215% said there was also an improvement in hydration. 

The Science - This product is packed with anti-ageing and hydrating ingredients. Heart-leaf globe daisy also know as Globulia Cordifolia is a plant known for its survival skills. When extracted it shares its defying qualities to boost you skins natural anti-ageing defences. The electrolytes are all about hydrating the skin. And the factor 30 will protect your skin in the sun for evermore. 

The Price - I admit I thought this was going to be in the £30+ range, but when it was only £26 I was pretty happy. I have been using this for a while and haven't been tight in the amount I use, the bottle still feels the same weight as it was when I bought it. Don't forget House Of Fraser do student discount and your Debenhams beauty card will get you 78 points when you purchase this product. 

Have you tried this yet?  


Wednesday, 4 February 2015


Luckily for me I was in London the day that Benefit launched their new eye cream Puff Off. I'm not usually one for shopping in London however, I was going to see Matilda and it would have been rude not to. Plus Boots have an offer on at the moment where you can you get a free miniature sample and £5 on you advantage card if you buy 2 or more Benefit products. I didn't even need anything else, but who can resist extra advantage points. 

My purchase was 100% down to my new favourite blogger Laura from Girl Talk With Laura. Laura's completely inspired me to start blogging again and juicing. Head over to her Instagram now. I have no doubt you'll fall in love.

I've only recently got into my skincare routine and my skin is repaying its dept everyday. The only problem I suffer with now is pesky under eyes. Since starting work full time, getting up early shows through the ever darkening bags. I'm willing to try anything to reduce them.  I admit, I was a bit confused with the iron until I realised smoothing - ironing out the lines. You're not as dim as me don't worry. 

The metal plate is refreshingly cool which is amazing to awaken you in the mornings. The gel  sinks in instantly which proves helpful when you're in a rush. When the gel dries it has a velvet feeling like a primer which like Laura says helps you make up sit comfortably. 
I found this didn't get rid of my bags completely, but I noticed the line under my eyes seemed softer and more blurred. You can use this before or after your makeup. I wasn't sure about applying it after my makeup but it turns out I prefer and notice the difference more. It also created a slight glow when applied after make up. 

You can also get a free sample of Professional with any order - Just enter the code "POREOCLOCK" on the Benefit site.

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