Monday, 27 October 2014


The moment I saw the Zoeva Rose gold collection, I knew I wouldn't be able to resist buying them. I wasn't even bothered if they were good or not, just to have sitting on my dressing table was enough for me. I managed to put off using them for a few days, I loved how clean and new they looked until the realisation came that I could actually go without using them. I didn't spend £70 just to stare at them. The set consists of 8 natural hair and synthetic bristles. I think the brushes work out something like £8 a brush, plus £10 on postage. They may seem a lot but when you see the handy pouch you're given to put your brushes in you'll see its well worth it.
Immediately the softness of the brushes stands out, I ended up almost stroking them like a cat for a good 5 minutes. Starting with the 102/Silk Finish mainly used for foundation. I was particularly excited about this brush, especially now that the winter weather is coming and I want a fuller coverage. Because the brush is so full and thick its great for blending, its become my everyday foundation brush. 106/Powder I rarely use a powder all over my face. I usually use a powder brush to take any shininess off my face without mattifying it too much. 127/Luxe Sheer Cheek is probably the softest in the set. I believe ist made with only natural bristles. The angled shape makes it perfect for contouring however, I've been using for the Java powder by bourjois; the combination of soft bristles and the softest powder is heavenly. 110/Face Shape brush looks like a smaller version of the 102 but, the bristles are a lot more stiffer for a more controlled application. It's, main use is for contouring but I found that I only got on with it to contour my nose and my temple area but, still a really useful brush if you have the time for blending. 142 Concealer Buffer, is a filled with bristles however, like the face shape brush I like a bit more movement to blend quickly. If having the time to blend properly the brush would work for me.
Moving on to the smaller brushes which I will probably get the most use of. 227/ Luxe Soft Definer is similar to the Mac 217, just a little bit softer though. This brush has been great for blending out and giving the best sultry look I could ever get. 231/ Luxe Petite crease is again similar to the Mac 219  pencil brush. It allows enough movement and would be perfect for makeup looks involving a heavy crease line. 317 / Wing Liner brush is perfectly angle and stiff enough to give a defined line. I never got on with eyeliner brushes, I've always used the Collection 2000 fast stroke but since getting eyelash extensions I find its a lot easier to remove therefore making my eyelashes last longer.

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