Saturday, 30 August 2014


This shit is like sharpie

I've had this sitting in my drawer since it first came out for the sheer fact that I absolutely hate it! Everyone seems to rave about it and I feel like I'm missing something. I don't know if its because I have forever used the Collection 2000 fast stroke liquid liner or I got my hopes too high. Whatever it is, I don't get on with it. When I was taking pictures for this post I got a little carried away and ended up doing some serious Winehouse eyes without realising how important the Push-up liner remover was... I spent ten minutes scrubbing my eyes with Micellar water and even that, the strongest makeup remover didn't even make a dent - You can imagine the panic when I had work in an hour.
I have to admit, I am hard to please when it comes to liners. I've stuck to the same one for four years, that's the longest relationship I've had with anything. When the Push-up liner came out I thought maybe it was time for a breakup, but in the end it just made us stronger. I hate the Push-up liner for a number of reasons 1| It's meant to be easier to use however, the formula goes on really creamy to begin with but dries within a second, I had to keep adding to it to make it even and I ended up with a scaly looking line that seemed like it was one crack away from flaking. 2| It's really difficult to get a clean looking line without having to run over it a million times. 3| The liners not extremely expensive but when you have to buy a remover on top of that, it seems silly to buy the two separately.
I feel a little bad slating the liner when it does have a few good qualities. Admittedly it is a pain the arse to buy a remover but, the liner doesn't move. If I'm having a good day and it looks good, that would be something I'd appreciate. Its the blackest liner I have used and would be great for 60's bombshell looks for thick feline flicks. The flexi silicone tip is a great idea and does feel nice on the eye and I can see why it would improve the look of your flicks. The formula works really well for the tight line and waterline but on skin its not doing it for me. Its an ok liner, but the concept just doesn't work for me. I feel bad for saying it, but I don't think its worth the high expectations I had for it.
Who knows I could be doing something completely wrong and it really is truly amazing but it didn't work for me. I think if your happy with the liner you're using at the moment its not worth the £18.50. If you have tried it how did you get on with it?

Sunday, 24 August 2014


"This cleanse will assist with reducing weight, easing bloating, increasing digestion functionality, improving skin clarity, increasing energy levels and alleviate issues associated with food intolerances."
I've had an on off relationship with Tiny Tea since March. If you haven't heard of the Your Tea brand, it sells numerous combinations of herbal tea claiming to aid weight loss, fertility and clear skin. At first, I was a little sceptical of weight loss products, but after doing some research and trying to accept that its not a miracle product I gave it a go. Clearing up any misconceptions about Tiny tea; its not a laxative unlike similar tea that is on the market - avoiding the laxative effect is probably going to benefit you in more than a few obvious ways. The tea is not a substitute for a meal, you drink the tea 30 minutes before or after a meal. I didn't even think about this until I read FAQ's, for any ladies on the contraceptive pill, the tea won't effect your pill unless you experience adverse reactions.
You can buy Tiny Tea for 14 or 28 days in which you take 3-4 times a day. I forgot several times in the day to drink my tea, so I suggest if you're serious about doing the teatox setting an alarm to go off throughout the day to remind you to have your tea. I don't drink tea or coffee, luckily I like herbal tea blends though. Admittedly the tea doesn't taste like my beloved chamomile, but its not utterly vile, in fact after a few days I quite enjoyed the taste of it. Because the tea is pack in cute pink sachets they are easy to put in your bag and have when you like. I suffered absolute frustration with these tea bags, they split so easily and you end up having herbs floating in your drink, which kind of put me off a little.
Obviously the main question is whether it works or not. In terms of making you feel better it gets top marks. It reduces bloating within ten minutes, I've found myself drinking it before I go out if I'm wearing tight clothes and I don't want the alcohol baby on show (alcohol baby - let me know if you know what that one it). This may be psychological as well, but if I drink before I eat I don't particularly want to eat as much as I did before. However, If you really want to lose weight, I don't think Tiny Tea's going to do it alone. It's great for increasing your energy levels, suppressing your appetite and making your body feel more comfortable, all of which are needed when you're trying to lose weight. Although its good, its not holy water unfortunately.
Think of Tiny Tea as a Protein shake to a muscle man - I hope you enjoyed my analogy there.  
28 Day Teatox £31 (84 tea bags)
14 Day Teatox £20 (42 tea bags)
What are your thoughts on Tiny Tea?
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